Most of my personal essays are short - under 1000 words - and generally deal with a single moment in time or experience, which I then try to expand upon in search of its essence and life lessons Maybe that's why I've come to think of these pieces as my Haiku Essays - or poems; like the Haiku, they reflect on both the momentary and the eternal - though I don't follow the poem's structural standards - and like poems I often try to capture the fleeting. Sometimes I succeed and sometimes….

A sampling of published essays:

  • Real Good Time: There's more than laughter to a good time. (
  • I See Dead People: Work as a chaplain gives me my own sixth sense (Newsweek)
  • Kaddish: Finding sustenance and community in the prayer of mourning. (Dallas Morning News)
  • Signs of Love: How I learn to read people's cues that they love me. (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Colorful Native: How I find myself the object of tourists' interest. (Seattle Times)
  • Change In Style: As I age, I move from pubs to shrubs in my travel interests. (
  • Introvert as Social Handicap: I learn that being an Introvert in America has drawbacks. (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Whole World In My Hands: Through eating a sandwich I find connection with all beings. (Marin Independent Journal)